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My husband and I moved into a home last summer and for the first time have vaulted ceilings and large open spaces. I'm struggling to decorate this new home. I'm tired of feeling like we live in a plain rental with a bad echo but I'm paralyzed.

We have a large open floor plan living room kitchen area with a big patio door. This is where we spend all of our time. The view from the patio door is beautiful so I realize that this is the main focal point. How do I decorate this to make it feel warm and inviting while adding a little color? I'm thinking about a sound diffuser art piece above the TV but not sure if this works or what the dimensions should be. The current painting is 48" wide by 26" tall. I was thinking 48"x48" but don't trust my instincts.

It's not in the budget for any remodeling right now, but I do have a small budget for curtains and artwork. I need color, warmth, and some personality. I'm sharing photos of the space for reference.

Thank you!

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