Kitchen and Living Room Freshened Up

Chris S
last month

My husband and I have decided to freshen up the front of our home. We have a few big obstacles to tackle. We'd love advice and inspiration to see if we can find something that will make our house more of a home!

1. Ceiling: One major problem is our ceiling. The previous owners did a very poor job of giving the ceiling a finished look. There are awkward beams and a very poor "finishing job." Since it is the first room you see when entering our home, we want to clean it up. Any advice on how to do this easily on a budget? And has anyone ever used this beadboard (linked below) to cover up unsightly ceilings? Thoughts on aesthetics and installation appreciated.

2. Kitchen: Our living room is connected to our kitchen and we want to freshen up our cabinets. I am planning for white cabinets. We are thinking about using thermafoil and replacing the doors of all cabinets and drawers. Any thoughts on that? Any brand that worked well for you?

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