Need Help with Rearranging and Decorating my living room

17 days ago

We bought our house when I was pregnant with my daughter, so never got chance to properly decorate it until now! I want to rearrange, add or remove the furniture based on your advice. We have a small living room which is connected to an open small dining and kitchen area.

From small foyer area, then 5 steps up and we enter the living room. It's rectangle shape so difficult to lay out furniture. We had leather sofa from our earlier apartment which was too bulky for small living room. So got this new sofa after moving in here. These are sofa beds, very comfortable and don't take up much space. We got two same size sofa instead of getting a chair. It made sense at the time, we could accommodate more people and my son could have sleep over, so 4 kids would fit in that size beds! There is a fire place behind the sofa, under the tv. We don't use it much, so putting a sofa in the front was easier to keep other area open.

Do you think I should keep the fire place open and move the sofa to other area? We have tried different lay outs in the past but because of two same size sofas, it takes up extra space in middle of the room. We have tried to keep both in line near the window, so that would open up the fire place.

Right now, the only furniture we have in the living room is these sofas. The desktop and office chair is a temporary set up for my husband who works from home. He was working from the basement but it was cold in the winter, so I set it up in the living room. Once we move that office desk, we will have that corner empty. It was empty before and so all the useless stuff or kids toys would end up in that corner.

What can I put in all these empty corners? The two side corners of fire place or both sides of sofa, always end up having some stuff that doesn't belong toys and laundry baskets :)) I didn't put any side tables or coffee table up until now because we had little kids and then a German Shepherd puppy. So to keep some extra space for them and for their safety. But now it is ok to add any decorative accents. Also, need help with all those wire cords in the corner. Can't hide them properly.

We are planning to replace our blinds, add other accents, decorate with art work and make it more inviting. So I need help with furniture lay out, blinds or curtains, wall decoration, lighting, rugs pretty much everything!! I am open to any suggestions or any advice you may have.

Thank you all in advance and looking forward to hearing back your thoughts!

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