Living Room Entertainment Center is off

5 days ago
last modified: 5 days ago

My LR entertainment center is a permanent fixture and cant be removed. When I look at this wall I see brokenness where it sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm thinking of adding slat boards or trim to make it go from the ceiling to the floor. Does this need to match the mantle design or can I use something like shiplap? The shelves and mantle are currently painted Oyster White and my trim is stark white. The oyster white seems to become more of a yellow as time goes on. Also, there is about 6" above each shelf unit that is painted the wall color,

and not sure if that should be painted on wood added all the way across. I'm shopping for a frameless TV that will turn into a picture when off but the has to stay. I’m thinking of adding shiplap to the whole mantle wall and then undecided because of the side walls. Please help me fix this.

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