Why yes.....yes I do have a "Deck Disease"..... ;-)

11 days ago

Hi Guys!

Thought I'd round-up some more Deck Handrails, & Swinging-Bench Rehab pics!

The 1st group shows a lot of my Handrail work....

Just above: the Top Handrails sanded. Board in foreground was just wiped-down with Paint-thinner to get dust off. I had let these go too long, before this rehab session! Didn't need to sand all the way through, since I had used the same finish previously....Sikkens/PPG Proluxe DEK-Finish, #045 Mahogany, $90-ish/gal. 2 coats REQUIRED on ALL sides, if starting with uncoated wood. Didn't need to recoat bottom side of handrail, since the coats were still in decent shape. The DEK-Finish, is a "Film-building" Stain, & has a nice "Varnished" look to it when completed.

Above: Done sanding one of the Skirtboards, & wiped-off with paint-thinner. You can see the faint bands where the Spindles were.

Above: One skirtboard had some Dry-rot I had to sand off. Damn I was pi$$ed!!! After 3 coats of Hardener, I could start with the Putty & build-out the corner.

End-grains hardened, & soon receive the Wood-Epoxy putty.

The "Milky" stuff in my Dew-Zero cup is Wood-Hardener. Brushed-on 3 coats of this on End-grains & screw-holes to stabilize these areas before filling with Wood-Epoxy putty.

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