Oil rubbed bronze pulls with SW extra white kitchen cabinets?

5 days ago
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I have a rental property that's vacant, and I'm doing some cosmetic updates to it.

The kitchen has cabinets that appear to have a factory finish -- never painted. I am going to be prepping and painting the cabinets myself.

The appliances are all white and in working order, so I plan to keep them.

I was planning to paint the cabinets Extra White because that would give me the most versatility in terms of choices of color if I choose to replace the laminate countertop with something else at some point years from now (don't plan to do that now).

I bought some oil rubbed bronze pulls that I think will add some character to this kitchen...will this color go with extra white? Been trying to search the web for photos of this but have come up short.

I have read that ORB goes very well with off white but I have also read not to use creamy or off white cabinet paint color when you have white appliances because the appliances will make the cabinets look dingy. I had thought about using something like SW Alabaster for the cabinets but I suppose that is out if that is not going to go well with the appliances

I do not have a photo right now (I'm at home right now) but I can post one later if that is helpful.

Thank you.

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