Can I build our beds with manure and hay?

11 days ago

Hey there so we have cows and kunekune pigs and an abundance of manure mixed with their bedding which is hay. Weve had them for a year about and have been piling the manure, not turning it since its not feasible to turn that much manure without a tractor. Well the year old stuff hasn't broken down terribly much but we are still really wanting to create a ton of new beds this year. So my question is can we peel up the sod of the beds, lay down the mostly uncomposted manure/hay( but still aged a year) then a layer of composted soil weve bought, then mulch? And basically use the manure as fill?
My neighbors who have dairy cows swear up and down that even fresh cow manure does tburn plants. They should know they have gardens too and have had dairy cows for decades. Cow manure is quite low in nitrogen as well.
What do you guys think?
By the way we are 3 b, and are going to be planting berry bushes and annual flowers in the beds this year.

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