Kitchen Restoration/Renovation Underlayment Mistake on Vinyl Floor?

5 days ago

Hi! We just had our kitchen renovated and restored after water damage. The restoration company cut away the damaged section of the floor and underlayment, while leaving the rest of the underlayment intact. The original underlayment was 3mm in size.

When fixing the area that had the underlayment removed our contractor added only 2mm padding, while leaving the rest of the 3mm throughout the kitchen. We are noticing a very obvious problem in that exact area where difference in underlayment meets. We had vinyl flooring installed and it creaks, snaps, and you can feel the edge of the boards when you run your feet against it. On top of that, you can feel the incline/decline between the different size of underlayment when you step on the area.

What kind of potential future damage will this create for our flooring? Also, does anyone know what kind of timeframe we are looking at before that damage occurs?

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