High-gloss, jewel-box colour application?

Gina Bégin
6 days ago
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New to the boards and hope it's okay that I'm jumping right in with a couple of questions!

I'm trying to do the interior of our space really bold and in a blend of art nouveau/art deco; mostly the latter. I'm hoping to get a jewel box look, so I'm looking at doing high gloss (because I can't afford lacquer :) walls and ceiling, finished drywall to a level 5, and then the floors will be painted with a clear, poured epoxy on top to create depth. My colour is 3/4 saturation of Benjamin Moore's Aruba Blue. Our hardware/embellishments are brushed brass.

Most of our budget is being invested in this since it's the foundation of the look; everything else will be pretty DIY and slowly created over time until we have the look we like. But we didn't want to have to redo any painting or flooring for a long time!

This is kinda the look I'm going for - except wrap-around high-gloss and colour (no wood floors) — please scroll down because Houzz is putting a TON of spacing between these photos for some reason!

Originally, my walls, ceiling, and floor were going to be all the same colour; the ceiling would be oh-so SLIGHTLY lighter to visually raise it up, but without a harsh contrast between walls and ceiling. (So to the eye, it probably would look the same.) Our walls are 10' walls and I'm trying to get that drama that art deco has with height, so anything I can do to visually make the room look taller is great!

  1. My first question is, if I instead go with quite a deep colour on the floor (thinking something like Benjamin Moore's Pacific Ocean Blue or even as deep as Hidden Sapphire; maybe and keep the ceiling and walls the same color, would the floor in that deep color make the ceiling and walls look more expansive? Again, everything will be high gloss, and the floor will have poured epoxy on top, so almost like a thick layer of glass. I'm not sure if this makes a difference to the perceived size of the room or not. :) I've heard conflicting theories on whether a darker floor makes the rest of the room bigger.
  2. I'm thinking about maybe even painting the wall colour up onto the ceiling for a portion of it (like coving, but without the cove) and then doing a noticeably lighter colour in the centre. Kinda like those ceilings you would see in the Victorian days with the moulding in a circle or rectangular shape and the light in the middle (see example picture below). I would love to do something really cool on the ceiling, but I'm afraid that adding any really decorative moulding will just draw the ceiling down visually, even if painted in the lighter colour? So I'm thinking just a simple flat strip of moulding to border the switch between the darker wall colour and the lighter ceiling colour.

I definitely am open to all ideas! I will be doing lower furniture to help support the higher ceiling look, and thinking about other things to enlarge the space, but am super open to ideas!

Thanks for your help!

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