Please help with Renovation Floorplan Layout ideas for new house

Pam K
4 days ago

Hi everyone!

My family and I are in the process of buying a new home. We’re in the preliminary stages of brainstorming layout options for renovating the main floor.

This is the floorplan that was provided with the listing info. Since we don’t own the house yet, we haven’t been able to take our own detailed measurements.

I’d love anyone’s feedback, suggestions and help on the best space plan for this level of the house.

As I said, just in the preliminary general planning stages at this time, until I have detailed plans.

About our life and family:

- my husband and I currently have a 4 year old boy, and will want to have more children in the near future

- pre-Covid, we enjoyed entertaining, but it wasn’t an extremely frequent part of our lives

- my husband tends to put things wherever is the easiest location, despite my attempts to establish designated places for his “things“. There is frequently an issue with his shoes being left in the middle of the floor right in front of the door. It drives me insane lol

We have renovated other houses twice before. I’m not intimidated by changes. We’re open to changing the location and uses of rooms, removing walls, adding walls, relocating plumbing etc. There is an unfinished basement under the entire house, so easy access for running plumbing, electrical etc changes. I like to think out of the box.

Must Haves:

- dining room must either be open or large enough that tables can be added to regular dining table on holidays and occasions that we’re hosting a large group

- dining room must have access to some sort of serving surface like a buffet, kitchen peninsula, butlers pantry etc

- large kitchen island with bar stools. Previous kitchen had 8x3 island (2 feet deep cabinets w over-hang) that worked very well for us. I wouldnt want it to be so large that it requires a countertop seam, so 8-10 feet long max. I do the vast majority of my food prep at the island, and cook a LOT. My house is like a never-ending buffet given that I have a 4 year old boy and very hungry husband lol

- kitchen in back of house overlooking yard

- microwave not over the stove

- a mudroom for storage coming in and out of house. Storage of kids backpacks etc for school, and husbands work stuff. He’s a salesman and his job requires him to store and have access to a rolling bag and briefcase on a daily basis. He has many cases of wine that must be stored, but most will go in the basement. A few that are being actively used, will need to be stored on the main floor so he can bring them in and out of the garage.

- make a room that functions as a playroom, but can technically be counted as a bedroom w dedicated closet

- a family room for tv watching, plus a secondary seating area that could be as simple as 4 armchairs around a table. That could be open to dining room, and could move these furniture pieces to expand dining table when entertaining

Wants, but not 100% need

- breakfast table in kitchen

- some sort of pantry. Whether a walk in pantry, a regular closet pantry, or shallow floor to ceiling cabinets for pantry storage. In a previous house, I had 12 or 15 inch deep floor to ceiling cabinets for pantry storage and I loved them

- 2 ovens (could be 1 oven as part of stovetop with range, and 2nd oven as part of micro-wall oven combo)

- sink plus additional prep sink

Once we actually close on the house, I’ll be able to make detailed diagrams that have all dimensions and opening locations etc, as ive seen recommended on other threads.

But for now, just looking to brainstorm with you all. I’d love to hear anyone’s ideas and creative feedback.

Ive drawn out so many ideas, but once you stare at a floorplan for too long your brain and creative juices kind of shut down.

I appreciate everyone’s help & a fresh eye with this!

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