Retaining Wall and Shared Fence Hot Mess. Suggestions Please!

14 days ago
last modified: 14 days ago

Hi all, I am hoping to get some suggestions and advice on how to fix or totally redesign this hot mess at the back of my property. My yard elevation is significantly higher than the neighbor's, and we have a railroad tie retaining wall with a fairly deep gap before the shared fence. The fence is ancient and a recent storm put the final nail in the coffin, so the entire thing needs to be taken out and replaced. The gap has always bothered me; not only because it's a trash collection pit, but I like to foster senior dogs and have always worried about one of them falling into the gap. :-0

Long story short, I am hoping for some suggestions on what do to make this safe for the doggies, and decent to look at/live with. A contractor suggested building a new retaining wall closer to a new fence, or building a deck-like cover over the gap with 2x6's or 1x6's (cheaper). I can't really visualize the latter, so I don't know if it's a good idea or not. I'm just not sure how to approach it and I would really appreciate it if you guys have any advice on how to design something that will possibly work here.

I'll post a few photos for you and maybe that will help. The first ones are from years ago when there was no landscaping, then when things matured (although it's been culled a bit since those photos), and the last one is the mess as it stands after the storm. As you can see, this whole thing is kind of behind the scenes, so it doesn't have to be pretty. At this point I'm probably more concerned about it being done correctly so it will last, and at some point when I sell, it won't cause any issues.

Anyway, thank you very much in advance for any help on this dilemma of mine!

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