Quartz - Brand names vs knockoffs?

Savvy T
26 days ago

My kitchen contractor (unbeknownst to me) priced our countertop quartz/quartzite based on knockoffs manufactured in China. I only came to know this when the quartz that I liked (based on a sample they had given to me) turned out to be 1K more than the "5141" they had in stock. When I researched "5141" it turned out to correspond to Ceasarstone Frosty Carrina. When I asked the kitchen contractor whether it was in fact Ceasarstone, they admitted it was a knockoff manufactured in China. I'm not sure what to do (I'm a newbie to renos). Ceasarstone Canada doesn't have a great reputation either, and this countertop issue is going to majorly setback my reno (i.e. if I suck it up and go with their 5141, it'll be done quick; if I don't go with it, its subject to COVID19 delays).

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