What normally happens to extra building materials?

2 months ago

Hi all!

I recently did a small house addition, with exterior cedar siding (matches my existing house). There was extra siding left over in the yard (unfortunately I'm not sure of the quantity but there was a small pile). However, the guy who installed the siding came back and took all of the extra material while I was gone (I know it was him b/c of my doorbell camera - he never rang the bell, just came and took it out of the driveway). I'm wondering if this is normal/expected? Or how are extra materials in generally usually handled?

The cost of the siding & trim materials (plus all labor) were lumped together as one charge, but presumably I paid for the entire pile of the siding that was delivered. So shouldn't I have the option of keeping it? It seems like it would be useful for future small projects/repairs/etc. Should I be asking for it back? (He's already been paid for the job, so I don't know how far I'll get...but it might be worth a try).


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