Any tips to prune 7 way stone fruit tree, in greenhouse?

last month

I have had a ‘genetic dwarf‘ peach in the greenhouse for about 5 years that flowers and never fruits, and decided it wouldn’t hurt to throw another peach in there in case it needed pollination (It says self pollinating but....)

Stone fruits don’t survive long outside here as we get lots of rain as well as late frosts. So why not in a greenhouse I figure worth a go.

And this pollinator tree I chose was a 7 way. A list of varieties below. The tags says “4 way” but went through the whole lot of trees and found one with 3 extra varieties 😀

I’d like to train it as a fan or espalier against the wall. Any tips on how to start? Some varieties are pointing out into the walkway. Clip them back hard and try to retrain? Definitely need ideas, will attempt to attach a pic or two.

Its planted, seems all varieties have survived dormancy to date.

Frost peach (top, the leader)

Nadia cherry plum

Brooks plum

Harglow apricot

Harcot apricot

Hardired nectarine

Green gage plum

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