Should I keep these trees in a container, or plant them and move them

I have 3 crape myrtle saplings (not sure of the cultivar) that I took as cuttings 2 years ago, then rooted in a container. I haven't seen much growth from them, but they are just now starting to bud for the year.

I'm working to clear off a large patch of property that I intend to use for fruit and nut trees, and I plan to include these crape myrtles in between for decoration. But hummingbirds are already starting to show up, so I think I'm done with cutting until November. That means that I probably won't plant any trees until March 2022, maybe November 2022.

My question now is whether to keep these crape myrtles in containers for another 12-20 months (or more), or if I should plant them somewhere with the intent of eventually digging them up and moving them?

This question MIGHT extend to Granny Smith apples and some peach tree cultivars, too; the local nursery has what I want now, and I wouldn't hate getting fruit a year earlier than if I wait.

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