Please help me furnish my master bedroom!

13 days ago
last modified: 13 days ago

I am in the process of buying new bedroom furniture and could use some advice for furniture placement and selection.

This is kind of two questions so for clarity I'm going to ask them separately in two posts instead of starting two different threads.

First question is probably more complicated. This is the wall the bed will go against. Originally I planned to center the bed to the room. But I like some headboards (see next post) that would extend right up to the window if centered on the wall and I don't think that would look so good.

Anyone think it would be OK or would that look funny?

If the headboard going right up to the window is a bad idea, would it look weird if I centered the bed on the section of wall to the left of the window? That would make the bed off-center to the room but still sort of symmetrical and it would give me space between the headboard and window.

If you think it is OK for the bed to be off-center to the room, would it change your mind to know that the bed would then be off-center to the wall across from the bed? I think this is a bigger potential problem.

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