Should I try to update floor to ceiling 70’s flagstone fireplace?

Helen Hodges
9 days ago
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The focal point of our 70’s era living room/great room is the original floor to ceiling flagstone (working) fireplace & it’s raised hearth built by masons In 1973. The photo below (#1) is taken with my back to the double front doors, so the fireplace is one of the first things you see from the foyer. Although we use gas logs now, the fireplace has been used consistently over it’s almost 50 years. But it looks dingy now compared to the rest of the room after we lightened up original wood paneling and some trim with paint/white trim. The vaulted ceiling is natural wood tongue and groove with solid 4x4 black beams that extend into the screened porch, accessed through the French doors. Over the years, we’ve renovated/updated just about every floor, wall, and room upstairs and downstairs except the fireplace. Our front porch and courtyard are flagstone, too, but recently done (photo below #2), and the front foundation is faceted with flagstone.

What to do, if anything? How (or who) to clean up/renew/brighten up fireplace? We’ve considered having in white washed, or having masonry grout redone (is that a thing?), some old cracks repaired, or something, but we need some advice.

I sure don’t want to do permanent damage. My interior design style is transitional, not formal, but cozy & warm, not overly trendy, and a bit rustic (as I’ve learned from House Beautiful terminology). Is painting or white washing just a trendy thing mostly for brick fireplaces? Here’s a couple photos. Walls are a light sage. Thanks in advance.

Photo #1

Photo #2


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