Photos of early morning walk through the garden

8 days ago

The clematis are in several phases of blooming this Ruguchi is one that covers itself with these little blue bells and does it all summer.

Grandmother's Hat rose and the smaller virurnam

Papa Bluebird outside the box they insist on using

This bloom is as large as a clematis bloom...known as a cabbage rose, name is Paul Neyron

Ballerina along the fence to the right. Souvenir de la Malmaison to the left, Cardinal de Richelieu is the deep purple center left; it is really not happy here in heat, but the fragrance! Red is William Shakespeare 1200, and the huge flowering blob on left is a Noisette. this one will be almost totally covered by blooms in a day or two and the fragrance of all the oldies is fabulous.

maybe Houzz will allow one more, some iris


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