Fix an ugly and poorly constructed screened in porch

12 days ago

Hi All. I have a screened in porch. It is one of my favorite places but it is a mess in terms of how it was constructed. The finish/trim work is shoddy and it's a b**tch to maintain. I've had two contractors tell me they think that it's fine structurally, but that to make it look better, it would be cheaper to tear it down and start a cost of $60,000 which is way out of budget. My goal is to make it easier to maintain (single mom of three) and 'cleaner' looking. Currently it has vinyl sliding windows which I'm not a fan of. A Styrofoam airplane took out the top one within months of moving in. (see pic) I'm perfectly happy with just screens.
So, I'm wondering - if I remove the vinyl windows, bulky tracks, and excess trim and rescreen, is there a way to cover all of the wood posts and beams with pvc, vinyl...? I'm also thinking I could remove the wood beadboard on the ceiling and replace that with pvc panels as well. I'm fairly handy and not afraid of putting in some sweat equity but wrapping this beast, if that's even possible, is way above my pay grade. What would you do to neaten up this space and make it easier to maintain? Thanks in advance! (Please ignore the furniture that's strewn about and the gross ceiling fan.)

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