What to do with remaining space when tiling a bathroom vanity?

Annie B.
8 days ago
last modified: 8 days ago

We have a dilemma tiling a 48” tile against a 49” length wall. That leaves 1/2 left on each side if we want to center it (which we do because we will have a vessel sink & wall mount faucet). I have not found another other tiles that are bigger that I like and I really wanted to use this lagos tile. we also planned to tile the vessel sink slab with the same tile so that it looks continuous with the color all. The problem: tilers say it will be difficult to cut 1/2 and it is too thin, and we risk having the 1/2 tile look crooked or uneven. also if we went with this option, it is way out of our budget.

Additional options:

1) place the 48” tile to the right & just tile 1/2 to the left- but them it wont look centered and im worried it will look bad because we have a vessel sink & wall mount faucet that is centered

2) Place some sort of 1/2“ silver trim or white piece of wood on each side- the problem is i think that will look weird for the slab piece for the vessel sink if we had to do that because it sticks out and is pretty thick. also dont even know what we could use.

Any other ideas? Which one would you pick? we need to decide ASAP and I cant think of any good solutions honestly.

last photo shows the remaining space left on each side

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