Help: Wall Above Kitchen Window/Sink. Subway Tile? Molding?

Robin Fariel
last month
last modified: last month

My very talented contractor put up crown molding in a small L-shaped kitchen. From the refrigerator to the right wall is only 8'. This is in a tiny beach cottage. Counter is butcher block.

Original plan was beadboard backsplash but can't put it behind stove. To simplify it's going to be subway tile straight across.

Above kitchen window/sink the wall is 1/2 inch out of level. The beadboard, while getting taken off, makes it pretty visible in photo.

The window has plain thin 2.5" trim around it.

So the options above kitchen sink/window:

Leave crown molding but take off the wide flat trim directly below it. Subway tile above the window up to the molding.

Remove the crown molding -and- the wide flat trim directly below it. Subway tile above window up to ceiling.

Remove crown molding and/or the wide flat trim directly below it and -paint- the wall area over the window rather than tile.

Not keen on painting over the window but I have a feeling it would make the half inch difference in wall height less noticeable than subway tile.

Since this is an older cottage, I am not adverse to shrugging off the fact the wall is not level.

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