Ideas for this bedroom

10 days ago

This is the Master in the summer house we bought. I am not thrilled with it, it feels very masculine and 'hard' to me. I am really more of a minimalist, so the wood paneling isnt really my jam, but it is very Maine Downeast cottage-style so it's staying(for now).

  • The linen navy blue quilt is fine. Maybe another quilt layered?
  • I really need a bench at the end of the bed. It's a king and DH and I are really queen people but it's there. It is brown leather in case you cannot tell. What if I slipcovered the headboard in a soft floral or stripe? Also, should I remove the box spring so that the headboard looks more prominent. The bed is VERY high right now. Actually, if I removed the boxspring, I wouldnt necessarily need a bench. Pup could make the leap then. She can now, but I dont really like her too(she has hip problems)
  • The rug is hideous, and the wrong size, but its staying until I have a replacement. Maybe I should get runners for both sides of the bed?
  • New lamps could add color too, and the existing ones are too short.

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