Best steel-alternative picture window option

7 days ago

I would like to install a 60"x60" fixed/picture window in a kitchen remodel for the breakfast area. Black on black Colonial style SDL's - 15 lites with 5 across & 3 up. I am seeking something well made & reliable with a narrow frame that does a good job of mimicking the lovely steel windows. I have quotes for the following - Quaker Quartz Collection Cityline Series (aluminum), Fleetwood Series 250-T (aluminum), three from Marvin Ultimate (wood clad), Infinity (fiberglass) and Elevate (wood int.,fiber ext.) and one from Windsor (wood clad). As many people often say window shopping can be extremely daunting. I have tried to find as many reviews as I can about each of these brands but often the consensus seems to be hot or cold depending on the batch of reviews. Any opinions? Many thanks in advance!

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