Help! Wood-look Tile Install

6 days ago


I posted this as a reply to an old thread but I figure it would be more appropriate to start a new thread. Perhaps some expert suggestions will help others having the same issue.

I’m putting wood look tile on my bathroom walls and wanted the look of a uniform patter (ie no grout lines). We used silicone at the joints instead for a water barrier.

However, it doesn’t look right because of lippage. Thoughts on installing this type of tile? I fear 1/8 grout lines will completely ruin the intended effect, but as it is it doesn’t look great either.

Also what about spacing the tiles 1/3 offset, will that make it look better or will the offset plus grout lines really make it look like individual tiles instead of a single pattern?

It’s going to cost me a bit to redo this but it seems I have no choice given how uneven it looks (looks worse in person than the photos).

Thank you 🙃

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