Need quick help! Undercounter Fridge/Freezer Drawers! Beverage Center

Donna Reed
last month

Apparently finding this appliance is almost impossible! I want a fridge/freezer drawers in my coffee/smoothie bar and only want to give up 24". Thermador had one I was going to order but they have now discontinued and the new one isn't even available to order until Aug or something. Too risky as we are placing our appliance order tomorrow. The only other ones that are comparable is Jenn Air and I could always go back to Subzero (to match my other refrigeration) but they are 30" and I really don't want to give up the extra 6" if not really needed. The Therm and Jenn Air is $3500 and the SZ is $4500. Do you think it's worth the extra $1k even if I give up the space? I will be storing produce (smoothie ingredients) in there (along with coffee creamer, smoothie mixers-almond milk, etc.). Any input on Jenn Air? Quality or not? Kitchen Aide makes one too but I don't think the reviews are that good but would save $1k. Any input please!

I am also ordering a Beverage Center from U-Line UHBV124 but am starting to rethink this as well. I'm worried the stacking shelves will not make it as practical to get things in and out. Do you find it hard to find your drink in there? SZ has one that has a few pull out shelves that keep you organized. But it goes from $1600 to $2400. Not sure it's worth it. Also, since I am doing the nugget ice maker from U-Line I can use their rebate and get an extra $400 off so goes down to $1200. I want to save the $$ but I also don't want to regret this down the road!

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