New house. Living room and Dining room too small.

Alexander Mendoza
6 days ago
last modified: 6 days ago

Hi community!

I just bough a new house in Orlando. The living room is too small IMO. It is an open-floor plan shared with the kitchen. Not sure if I should buy a sectional or just one sofa with a couple of chairs for the living room.

For the dining room, I was thinking to turn it into a reception area with a few sofas so that I have drinks with friends.

As you can see from the pics below, the living room shares space with the kitchen. And the "dining room" is right next to the main entrace.

Any recommendations? How can I take the design of the first floor of my house to the next level? I am also planning to build an outside covered patio to use it as a lounge area to make up for the small space in the living room, but I will post that on a separate thread. For now, I am looking for advise to improve the living room and dining room area. I never use a formal dining table. I always eat on the island or watching tv. If I ever invite friends, I am planning to use the outside table once the patio construction is finished. Just two people living in the house btw

Any suggestions are very much appreciated.


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