Can I put a modern front door on my 1978 house?

Susan Giusti
9 days ago

We bought our 1978 house 5 years ago and we are finally working on improvements for the front of the house (door, side windows, porch, walkway, garage door). We live in Colorado surrounded by tall pine trees, and our house has stained wood trim, wood beams, large moss rock fireplace typical of the era. It has a mountain retreat feel to it. We are planning on tearing out the entire wall with the door and stained glass, and replacing with a new door and big windows on either side. We love the look of a modern door with glass, but don't know if it will look right with the other traditional, stained 6-panel doors that are right by the front door and throughout the house. Should we stay with a more traditional panel door since the modern door is such a dramatic difference from the rest? It would look great from the outside because its a MCM shed style exterior, but inside is not MCM. As a side note, the garage door is going to be dark, shaker style.

Thanks so much for any help!

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