Please allow me to introduce myself

George Davis
6 days ago

My Parental given name is George Davis, my Earth Given name is Christian Warlock. I’m an Artist, Photographer, Capricorn, Humanist, Computer Nerd, Meta-Morph and Plant Person. When I was young an old man ( young then old now) told me to have stories to tell. Ahhh the stories. But...But we’re here to talk about the alternative methods of Hydroponics. You know right now we’re in the Great Reset of our times. What direction are we going. What are we producing, leaving behind for others to start with. Covid smacks us on the a$$ with our selfie look at me driven culture. Climate change has put us in common ground with the least of us. So I’m not here to change anybody. Keep scooping out that bag as long as you like. That’s free will both in the eye’s of God and the Country. Yet we’re using 70% more than is on the planet. Sure we don’t feel it as much but you see it in the eyes of those refuges from all over the world heading our way.

From the millionaires who fly to those who walk here hundreds of miles, just to drop off a child for some hope of a future. An just like that hope I have an alterative method of hydroponics. Never said anything about anybody had to follow it. And if the pictures I use don't help???

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