Brand new washer leaving lint on clothes

Robert Simmons
6 days ago

Hi everyone. We just picked up a brand new Samsung top load washing machine. Model # WA50R5200AW/US. It had some pretty good reviews, but we're running into trouble with dark clothes. Anything navy, black, maroon, etc. comes out of the washer with large streaks of white lint. Washing inside out helps, but the lint streaks still make their way onto both sides of the garment.

Some steps we've tried so far:

- Cleaned out the wash basin

- Reduced amount of detergent used

- Tried a vinegar wash without any detergent to eliminate detergent residue as a root cause. No dice

- Ran a dark load with the extra full water setting and extra rinses

The last bullet above helped, but running the washer with the extra water setting and four extra rinse cycles doesn't seem very "energy efficient" considering the unit's high efficiency rating.

Any tips for this issue would be much appreciated. Samsung support hasn't been much help. The best suggestion they had was to make sure the washer was level :).

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