Real rock fieldstone on walls

Carol H
6 days ago

We are building a new mountain home and have access to lots and lots of rocks on the property. I’m looking for a way to utilize them inside the home. Specifically, I’d like to use them for a kitchen wall. Does anyone have knowledge on how this can be done? i.e. does each stone have to be split (please say “no” - ha) or can I use whole stones? How do I deal with the weight of real stones on a wall - wall ties? Etc...

Just a heads up. We are on a tight budget. I’d be doing this project myself. I am not a professional but do have some experience having done multiple kitchen and bath renovations in our homes including installing all the tiling in kitchen, baths and floors.

Here are some photos of what I’m trying to emulate. I realize these are likely different shaped/veneers than our rocks. But at least looking for a similar look. Thank you in advance for your time and input!

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