Help with House's Main Paint Color

6 days ago
last modified: 6 days ago

We chose engineered hardwood urban floor savanna in sable, and are trying to decide between two pretty similar paint colors. However I'm really gun shy after a terrible experience with Edgecumbe Grey (looked pink on our previous home's walls, probably due to the flooring) and this will go in our entire house (to be built). The windows on our main level face south and east (most windows are about 15 degrees to the east of south).

Here's our floor:

We're trying to decide between SW Drift of Mist or SW Gossamer Veil

Trim and most cabinetry will be SW Pure White. Kitchen island cabs will be stained.

I've read Drift of Mist can be cool and wash out in sunny rooms, but I like that it's a little lighter (I wanted white walls but DH vetoed)...? Any advice?