Anyone want to give some input on how to make the front look better?

Susan Giusti
5 days ago

Hi all! Thanks for checking out our project. We bought a home built in 1978 that needs some real help with curb appeal. We have ordered new garage doors (CHI stamped shaker in walnut) and we are in the process of tearing out the front porch and walkway to replace all the concrete. What I really need some help with what to do about the ugly wood wall and beams until we are able to tear it out and replace it. Eventually we would like to tear the whole thing out and install a composite wall that looks more in line with the MCM style (see photo), but for now, we need some ideas on how to use paint to make this look nicer. The main color of the house is a taupey-beige color, so any ideas on how to accent that would be appreciated. As much as we would like to do the wood slats like in the picture, that isn't something we can afford. We also aren't sure if we should paint around the windows (see pic #3) with an accent color or keep them the same color as the house.

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