This is an effort to convince you to grow Dark Lady. :))

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Dark Lady attributes:

Blooms are always 4 inches or more, usually more. Year-round average 5”. She blooms wonderfully

in part sun. In spring, early summer and fall she rivals Paul Neuron in bloom size. For reference her summer bloom size is like Chicago Peace. Her enormous petal count does not lessen in heat. Color does not lessen in heat. Her peony flower form stays the same, always. She repeats so fast you feel she is never resting. She blooms in clusters with side stems holding a few smaller clusters on same stalk. I can cut the lateral sides shoots of double, single, and triples and still have a garden display from the main party above. They stay fresh on bush and in vase for days, like a hybrid tea. One stem makes a bouquet. All flowers bloom large and true never a diminutive flower in the group. She had flowers this February when it hit -6 but NO canes froze back, which I thought amazing because her juices were obviously flowing with those blooms.

I have read comments about the Lady having weak steams. Not so. These gardeners may grow in different conditions or climates. She is not a hybrid tea, and her flower clusters are so large (more than Chicago) and her flowers so big and full that that if it does rain, they do become heavy and can droop especially if they are all open. Then I either support the cane or cut it for the house. Her stems are as strong or stronger than Abe D or Evelyn. Her clusters larger and a bonus is that her blooms do not ball like AD or E. The buds always open no matter the weather. If you are not displeased with Able and Evelyn stems the Dark Lady stems will not disappoint you.

I would not consider her a pretty shrub; you can keep her at 3to4’. I let the one pictured grow into the Forest Pansy because I liked the look but until I lost the sun in that location, she was an acceptable shrub.

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