20" high ikea fridge cabinet as base for fireclay apron sink?

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anyone have thoughts on feasibility of using an ikea over-fridge cabinet as base for (non-ikea) fireclay apron-front sink?

ikea cabinet is 36 x 24 x 20

sink is ~36* x 18 x 10 fireclay, undermounted, apron front (*width may be slightly less than 36")

sink "rests" on front, left, and right sides of base cab

sink is really supported by the pete stainless steel system that goes directly under sink horizontally and screws into left and right base cab walls

does this still work if sink is 35.5" wide (slightly less wide than base)?

total height would be 30 (20 + 10) aligned with cabinet height of cabinets on either side

the depth of sink is 18 whereas depth of cabinets is 24" so there is open space between back of sink and back wall -- any issues, red flags with this?

bc sink is undermount, this open space behind sink would be covered by the countertop.

however, the small portion of countertop behind sink (6" deep x 36" wide) would not have cabinet side or rear walls to "rest" on. problem? i suppose a support of some kind could be built in rear to connect countertop to rear wall and/or interior bottom of base but i'm really thinking weight of this small portion of top would not be much.

countertop im using is paperstone, 3/4 inch thick, single continuous piece, much lighter weight than stone, wood.

any potential issues i'm missing? thanks!

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