How to top and stabilize a kitchen island that will need to be moved

last month

I just had a 20x50 maple island built from base cabinets that match our existing cabinets. The base was built out without a toe kick for stability. There are two drawers and three pullouts and decorative panels on the sides without doors - so it’s got some weight. The plan was to top it with marble that matched the marble on our existing counters. The estimated weight of the top is about 100 lbs based on the density. The problem is that our 1930s kitchen is small and we have to be able to slide the island out of the way if we need to repair or replace an appliance. We are willing to deal with the 30” clearance on each side in exchange for the extra storage. The installer put 8 wood block “feet” on the underside so that we could attach sliders but told us he wouldn’t recommend putting the marble on it unless it was attached to the floor. We have a basement below it. If we screw into 4 of the corner blocks from below, would that provide enough stability? I think it would be hard to line it up to reattach it when we have to move it. If that won’t work, I could put a wood top on it at 45lbs. If I do that, would it be OK not to attach it? Any other suggestions?

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