Rose companion plants to fill space

Kate C
last month
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Hi--I am filling space against my back wall that gets a lot of hot sun and not a lot of water.
When we moved in there were nice rose bushes I haven't quite learned to care for...but I will! I am looking for ideas to fill the space between the rose bushes (about 8 feet in between them). I added a couple crepe myrtles, but I am not settled on them. Instead of (or in addition to) the crepe myrtles, I would like something evergreen between the bushes because it looks pretty bleak in the winter. I have some Variegated Pittosporum in the front yard that look nice, and some dwarf hawthorn shrubs too. And what smaller perennials would be nice close to the roses? I like the idea of lavender. I am in zone 8 north of Vegas, so drought tolerant plants do well here. Any ideas are welcome! :)

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