Wants and needs and.. argh!

ninja betic
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I moved a year ago. I still cant figure out what to do w this front room. I need a queen sleeper sofa but want a farmhouse/rustic table... just can figure it out. My Style is farmhouse but also modern. The hollywood glam server is not my style and can go. The slipcovered huge sofa is just a space holder for now. The white and chrome leather chairs i love.

people have some cute sounding suggestions like a reading nook, library wall, coat/ shoes storage wall etc..... But i dont use or do any of those things! Halp. (Excuse the range, its leaving. Soon)

What u see when you walk in to my house. (abv). Note Miami glass window next to server.

... walking further into the house ( hallway in front leads to kitchen and fam room).

when exiting... here u can see front door.

when leaving house.. looking from mid of room to exit door (abv)

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