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here are photos of colors and furniture: see below for photos. have the rug in both living and dining room as rooms open to each other. have a red slip cover for the sofa and a deep gold slip cover for the recliner. Two tall windows behind sofa are lower white shutter. Ideas for window treatments please. What color drapes with sheers, the shutters are staying. Or would a valance and shutters look better and is so, what color valance. plain or some type of design on valance? Have champagne colored lined drapes. photo, oil lamp antique changed to electric, mirror is hand carved by a great uncle over 100 years ago. photo of lamp has a dirty dust mop in photo by mistake as does the window photo, that is a large box going outside for a fence paint project.

colored lined drapes and sheers.

Ready to toss sofa, recliner, curtains and 8 x 10 rug to get my colors in a soothing comfortable unified scheme. No beige, green or gray for me. like oriental style design rugs. chairs have to have arms. Striving for a cozy live-in atmosphere. Need ideas, beer budget.

living room approx 12 x 15 ft. North wall: front door and two 36in inch wide windows, ac in far window, approx 3 ft between windows. East wall: approx 12 ft of space, 4ft of old tv cabinet painted white holds embroidery supplies, etc. next to that is a butt out old chimney, then a space for a small recliner. South wall: 3 ft of wall bookcase waist high, 6ft open archway, 3 feet with drop leaf table holding antique old lamp then 3 ft open space leads to staircase; East wall no windows, various small white wood tables, zebra wood sideboard holds tv and then space for the front door to open fully. This is a lot of weird space.

the 6 ft opening goes to dining room. house is 1886 brick twin, 9 ft high ceilings, walls are Vanillian Sherwin Williams, windows have lower case white shutters. Baseboard 8 inches high, window trim original 1886.

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