New Home - Dry wall pops

ElGato Caliente
2 months ago

So weve got a new home coming up on our 1 yr warranty. The builder wants to fix all the nail pops at this point.
My dilemma is whats the right call?
They used a super flat paint that can hide some crazy amount of issues.
I went through and most are mild pops. Paint is cracking or you can clearly see the outline of a screw.
If i paint or pay to paint aomething with a higher sheen that wears better than the flat, its going to show alot worse.
On one hand i know the builders paint works and its bad. Theyll just skim over it and not even sand it. Ive seen some huge runs and drip patterns, terrible patch jobs etc. And they never clean up. There will be dust everywhere.
But on the otherhand, we paid for a new house. If i pay a painter to paint, theyll just paint over it. If i tell them to fix all the issues gouges niks dents patches and pops its gonna sky rocket in price. And i didnt contribute to most of the issues, so why should i have to pay for it?
Again mostly minor. Although one wall has about 30 pops. As compared to the rest of the house with 2-5/ wall.
Im torn.
Total ~150. 2800sqft. What do you think?

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