Another Norway spruce - should I prune nebulous leader question

Gregg z6a-CT
2 months ago

Ugh this norway spruce is having trouble finding it's groove. About 5-6' tall now and had some damage on the leader last year. This year it has sent up dual leaders. The picture may seem like one looks a little more vertical, but in reality they really seem identical and are at essentially identical angles coming off the trunk.

Should I punch/prune one of them, or give it time to sort things out? That is all new growth this spring from that fork... about 12inches.

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  • bengz6westmd
    last month

    Let it go for now, one or the other might become dominant.

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  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5
    last month

    tree time is counted in decades .. no need to be in a hurry about this ...

    the key.. is to have it done when you can still do it safely ... e.g. too tall for ladder.. extent of you pole tree saw ... etc ...

    i had this very often ... on spruces.. it was the darn birds perching on the highest tip of the plant ... destroying what would have been the terminal bud ...

    but if you did want to do it.. now is the time.. so the shortened one can set buds ... while still be subordinate ...

    just dont go in there.. and try to remove one right at the bud whorl.. and somehow break off the other one .. been there.. done that ... usually a ladder or pole pruner issue ...


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  • Gregg z6a-CT
    Original Author
    last month

    I'm definitely not in any rush. I just want to avoid ending up two years from now with two trunks and having to prune one when it's a half inch thick. I wonder if I tied one down horizontal with a piece of bamboo or something, would encourage it to become a branch rather than the leader? I suppose I could try that.. kind of a compromise between cut it back and let it be.