HELP! Shower door install problem with tile

Kyle Culbertson
last month

I bought a remodeled house but when I went to install a shower door in the master I realized the tile stops short of the curb but is too short to install a shower door on. I realized this is due to a window frame that is in the way. I really want to get this door installed with the track so I’m willing to cut the window frame back to do so. But with the tile, what are my options? Im guessing I can’t install the track on the drywall, but can I lay an extra half-tile row (by pulling up the existing tile last row to extend it the 1.5” i need) to make room for the door? Or is timing over a couple of inches of drywall a problem due to waterproofing? The rest of the tile shower area is waterproofed under but it doesn’t extend to the edge of the curb I don’t think.

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