Wood Floor Cupping from Water

Allison Tischler
11 months ago

Can anyone recommend the best treatment for wood floors that are cupping due to water damage? It’s not terrible but is noticeable in a 3’x2’ spot in my family room. Here’s the backstory. I moved into this (1968) house in February and placed my dog’s feeding mat in the now damaged area. I guess I wasn’t as careful as I thought about wiping up water spills. There were never puddles of water sitting there, but obviously it was enough to cause the cupping. The finish looks fine, but the floor does squeak a bit when I walk on it. The dog now eats in the garage, but is there anything I can do to help this (oak?) floor?

It’s hard to capture, but the cupping is right in the middle of my photo next to the glare from the light.

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