Pls help with large, carpeted, dated, combined living/dining room.

Taedra Kogan
last month

Hi all! Just signed a 2 year lease on this rental. I need all new furniture, rugs, lighting...everything....and don’t want to spend a fortune as it’s not my forever home (I’m a master at finding great pieces on Craigslist, Offer up, etc. - just don’t know what to buy!! This room is so odd because the ugly fireplace isn’t centered from wall directly across - and there is a randomly placed window between dining room windows and fireplace. Furniture arrangement itself is killing me! I’m dreaming of a warm, cozy, inviting living room to spend time with family and watching movies and reading. I can’t change carpet and too large space to paint :/. Would love any suggestions! I removed the awful curtains and will replace chandelier. Thanks in advance!!!

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