Senecio haworthii brown spots and wrinkled

I got this Senecio from Lowe's yesterday. Before buying it I noticed the brown spots, but I assumed it was soil stuck to the plant. I repotted it (50/50 mix of cactus soil and perlite, pot has drainage holes) yesterday and today I noticed one of the plants in the pot is falling over and the brown has gotten worse. It's hard to see in the picture but the leaves are also slightly wrinkled. Is it underwatering? Overwatering? Fungus? Any suggestions on what it is and how to fix it would be appreciated.

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  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5
    last month

    bought and repotted yesterday ....

    did you premoisten the media ...did you leave it in full sun after repotting ...

    its hard to believe you have all these problems.. a day or two after you bought it ... the problem being.. you have no clue what happened to it from grower.. to seller ....


  • Angelo (Zone 8a)
    Original Author
    last month

    It already had the spots when I got it, the concern is that they seem to have gotten worse. The media was not premoistened and they were put in evening sun for about 2 hours. The next day they were in full morning sun, but mostly shaded during the afternoon.

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