U-shaped kitchen... should we get rid of table area?

Anna Pour
last month

We have a u-shaped kitchen that was built in the 80s, complete with the overhanging cabinets above the peninsula. We are planning to update within the next couple of years. There is a dining room right off the kitchen, which is where we eat our meals due to not having a kitchen table in the eat-in kitchen. Our thoughts are that we should knock down those overhanging cabinets, tear down part of a wall where the counter space is beside the fridge to open up the door way space to the dining room (making the opening about double what it is now instead of just a regular doorway), and pushing the peninsula out about a foot (as far as we can before we reach the window), making the inside of the "U" a bigger area. What we were thinking is that since we eat at the dining room table, which will be more open to the kitchen, instead of trying to fit a tiny table in the eat in part of our kitchen, why not just use the island in the kitchen for eating, and on the other side of the island, line the wall with cabinets? Does this make sense? I attached a terrible drawing... Any input appreciated. Thanks!

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