Have you heard of… WHITE MOURA MARBLE?

last month

Hey it’s another marble countertop discussion! But this is not a Marble I’ve ever heard of. If anyone has any advice or experience with a Marble from Brazil called White MOURA? Or if you think it’s called something else, I’d be very appreciative For any advice or experience with the stone.

We were originally going to go with a leathered fantasy brown, which is pretty hearty marble when exposed to the elements, even without sealer, but the slabs available to us at this point are very dark. They consider a Fantasy brown a “hard” marble, and they also told me this marble is similar, not a true quartzite, but also not as soft as Carrera or Calacatta.

I know it comes down to doing the exposure tests when it comes to marble, but there’s just not much out there on the Internet about the stone, just wondering if you all have been seeing this in your warehouses, or if this is a thing local to Virginia?


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