Are you using or have you used a Chop-Saw to Cut Small Firewood?

3 months ago

I am re-stocking my 2 cords of Firewood. Today I increased the use of my Makita (Miter) Chop Saw on small Dia Wood. I purchased a 12” 60 T Carbide Blade. IMO it did a Super Job that started from me cutting and burning “Oak Pallet Planks as Starter Wood.

I got a call that a Trimmer 3-4 blocks away cut 3-4 Bradford Pear Trees and left nice Cleaned Limbs Separated from Brush. 10-4, I’m rolling! That was a Quick Fun Load in close to 100 Degree Heat. The wood triggered me to move up from my 10” Carbide Blade to a 12”dia 60T. The wood was a Dream to cut.

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