Need suggestions for elevation ideas on remodel of 70s rock ranch

2 months ago

We are going to be toning down the color variation in the rock w a thin lime wash and also will be having mortar added to be more flush w the face of the rocks. also, i am replacing the fromt door and adding sidelights. and the front of the house will have LOTS more windows to let in more light inside. the front will be a sort of courtyard (due to fence and gate at road for added privacy).

i would love ANY general suggestions on how to update the exterior of this 70s rock ranch home!!

Also, I have very specific questions i wd love feedback on:

assuming i add a substantial entry gable, should i do something on the front left of the house to mimic it?

i have chosen a simple door (pic below) what color (paint of stain) wd you recommend?

we need to beef up the entrance aesthetically. what wd you recommend?

We are replacing (and moving slightly to the right) the side entrance (on the end of the house). I’m thinking a shed roof over that entrance. Or should i stick with the current gable shape?

any suggestions on trim color? (keeping in mind the slight limewash effect)

i need to replace that red-ish siding on the end of the house... do you think board and batten or horizontal hardie siding? Or....???

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