Please critique the layout! Getting Close to Final now!

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We have been working for a while to finalize our kitchen design layout. This is what we have planned, Can you please take a look at it and see if we are overlooking anything? Any major concerns you see with this?

Some clarifications -

- 36" Deep base cabinet in the island facing the range wall for Pots/Pans. This also prevents island seating from blocking the fridge opening since i only have ~36" walkway

- Cabinets are 48" Stacked Cabinets w/ 2 doors - Likely Brighton or Omega. Any other brands we should consider that are similar in quality/pricing?

- 9 foot ceilings

- As scoped out, wall corner is a pie cut 3 door cabinet. 24x33.

- Base corner has a 12" utensil Organizer cabinet & a Blind 24" cabinet with a 12" door. Could also go with a 3 bank cabinet drawer corner cabinet - not sure I totally love either option - although i do like the idea of a utensil organizer cabinet to get them off the counter.

- 36" Range w/ 36" Hood - could go to a 42" hood.

-Island has 18" pull out trash all the way on the right - nearest the table. Plus another 18" Drawer bank and a 24" drawer bank.

- Undercabinet microwave

Any thoughts? Concerns? things maybe i can do better? One thought I had is that the fridge seems "lonely". What do you think about putting wall panels on the pantry and/or pantry door to make it look more "built-in"

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