Need help with lighting in remodeled kitchen!

last month

We're doing a minor kitchen remodel, removing some upper cabinets to install a window. Unfortunately, there is now insufficient lighting on the countertop by the window since there is no longer undercabinet lighting on that area. We cannot add a sconce above the window due to the framing/header, so I'm considering adding one or two 3" recessed lights in the ceiling above the window. The options I can think of are: (1) add one 3" light behind the middle big can light (closer to the window); (2) add two 3" lights behind, but on either side of, the big can light; (3) remove the big can light and add two 3" lights closer to the window. One other complication is that we have a pretty big crown moulding, which limits how far back the 3" lights can go. Please help!

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